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Michael Kors Purses Outlet Online Sale Original

2015 New Type michael kors purses outlet online, michael michael kors online for sale with good customer service!

Side of the mountain, the old empire of luxury goods group "light luxury barbarians" helpless and irritability. Some angrily threatened never to leave the country of origin, stick made in Italy as a selling point. Some changed his mind, outlet online michael kors Burberry and Prada are representing Europe began to try OEM brand, Prada was originally commissioned by the Chinese OEM is relatively cheap, low-tech products, such as T-shirts, but so far, there are already a large number of Guangdong production of leather products are placed.

Informed sources believe that the "Made in China" michael kors purses outlet online stamped rough, poor-quality labels, is very unfair:. "Comparative quality to the premise of the same price to China orders down to a dollar, how can hopes at 10 yuan quality? If the brand is willing to give China $ 100 orders, Chinese artisans have been able to do better than the Europeans. "

"Made in China" do exactly what level, depending on the brand side of the core strategy is to "running volume" or "excellence."

Because of cheap Chinese labor, China foundry michael michael kors online produced 100% artificial leather handbags are all seized, and European plants really could not afford so much manpower inspection, sampling only. Now, every year on the international market for repair of leather products, many of which are produced in Europe, made in China, but relatively small.

Era of leather, Lai Thai and other early years in Hong Kong started to make leather goods there for four decades. They quit manufacturing later in Hong Kong to Guangdong, technology and experience accumulated down era of leather have been listed, and began to buy its own brand.

But now, foundries Dongguan and Hong Kong is facing a similar problem then. "Five years ago a foundry worker monthly salary of 800, now a monthly salary of 3000." informed sources, Dongguan foundry facing soaring wages and michael kors online outlet sale benefits of workers, such as multiple pressures.

All of the above have the strength of the foundry companies are beginning to set up factories in Southeast Asia, the Bank doors in Indonesia, Vietnam has a new factory. Brands sometimes give foundries pressure - if you are not actively enter the lower-cost countries in Southeast Asia, we have to gradually reduce the amount of your order.

"Light luxury cheap, trendy not come out of thin air, for consumers to enjoy these benefits, you should receive a series is not ideal arrangement they commissioned foundry machinery production. If you want quality manual, michael kors outlet online original do not want you to get The machine is designed to facilitate the production and modified, you can draw a higher price workshop products. "A fashion industry executives believe that light luxury of the foundry model understandable, to provide consumers with a choice.

"The most high-end brands are still very stressed origin, which is closely related to internal brand culture." He Bin commented.

Reporters on cooperation between the Bank and Michael Kors door factory sent a request for an interview to Michael Kors US headquarters and Chinese companies. Michael Kors Chinese public relations department, said to reporters by e-mail, generally not answering such questions related to business operations.